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Scheduling Meetings In Caracas Just Got Harder

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Hugo Chavez obviously idolizes Fidel Castro and Simon Bolivar, but it looks like he has a Saparmurat Niyazov jones as well. From today's NYT World Briefing:

Moved by claims that it will help the metabolism and productivity of his fellow citizens, President Hugo Chavez said clocks would be moved forward by half an hour at the start of 2008. He announced the change on his Sunday television program, accompanied by his highest-ranking science adviser, Hector Navarro, the minister of science and technology. "This is about the metabolic effect, where the human brain is conditioned by sunlight," Mr. Navarro said in comments reported by Venezuela's official news agency. Mr. Chavez said he was "certain" that the time change, which would be accompanied by a move to a six-hour workday, would be accepted.

--Jason Zengerle

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