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The Frankfurt airport is a dreary place, so I decided to spend my layover here by taking the train into the center of the city. Reading through a stack of European papers I was surprised at the column space given to the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, the EU's founding document.

With the exception of a smart Geoffrey Wheatcroft op-ed in the International Herald Tribune, almost all the coverage was extremely cynical and dispiriting. Feeling duly dispirited, then, I cursorily checked with the Bavarian man sitting next to me to see if the German papers were equally negative. Indeed they were! (This nice fellow was not a taxi-cab driver, and thus my interaction with him was only 90% as cliched as I had hoped it would be.)

Yes, the EU has run into some problems lately in regards to new member states, their constitution, and disagreements over the role of religion. But to look at the last fifty (or even 62) years of European history is to witness a remarkable success story (in more ways than one). I'd say a little celebration, not to mention pride, is in order.

--Isaac Chotiner

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