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Texas Doesn't Count?


After weeks of finding reasons to discount every Obama victory, the Clinton campaign seems to be laying the groundwork to argue that Texas -- the state that they have been pointing to as more meaningful and representative than other states -- doesn't count, either. Why would they be discounting Texas? Oh, I don't know, this might have something to do with it.

Bill Clinton's argument is that Texas is unfair because it has a caucus in addition to a primary, and, as the Clintons have been arguing, caucuses are less democratic than primaries. It's certainly true, caucuses give disproportionate weight to well-organized party activists over ordinary voters. But you know what gives even more weight to well-organized party activists over ordinary voters than the caucus system? Superdelegates. And the Clintons obviously have no objection to that.

(h/t Mike.)

--Jonathan Chait

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