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The Head Doesn't Know What The Tail Is Doing


First sentence of an article in The Politico today: "President Bush this morning telephoned Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, one of the few remaining Texans who came to Washington for Bush's first term, to try to buck up his friend after word leaked that GOP officials operating at the behest of the White House have begun seeking a possible successor."

Last two sentences of the same piece: "Asked if Gonzales will stay, White House Press Secretary Tony Snow said Monday: "We hope so. He has the confidence of the president." But Snow also revealed that the president had not talked to Gonzales since a conversation the two had when Bush was in Mexico last week." [my bold]

Now I know there's no literal contradiction: Bush's phone call was this morning and Snow's comments about his lack of contact with Gonzales came yesterday. But the first really obviates the second, no?

--Christopher Orr

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