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Tom Delay Feels Alberto Gonzales's Pain


Everyone's favorite disgraced former congressman Tom DeLay has taken to his new role of pundit with the same bullying zealotry that he brought to the U.S. House. To wit, his comments in today's Politico on Alberto Gonzales:

It's the same with this nonsensical pseudo-scandal surrounding U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Democrats couldn't care less what he did or didn't do, whether he's doing a good or bad job, who he's hiring and firing, what policies he does or doesn't institute at the Justice Department or anything else about the man. Except that he's vulnerable and close to President Bush. Everything else is just, well, lying.

Actually, whatever the Democrats' faults may be, they do seem to care what Gonzales did -- particularly if what he did was fire a group of perfectly able U.S. attorneys as part of a political witch hunt. But DeLay seems to feel that he can refute anything the Democrats do simply by calling them "liars" or some variation of the epithet -- no less than seven times! Tsk, tsk. Even the most hackish editorialist knows that's the lowest form of refutation.

--Keelin McDonell

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