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What Will Fred Thompson Do Next?


From the opening paragraph of Stephen Hayes's new Weekly Standard story on the Republican messiah Fred Thompson:

He spends his days raising money and assembling an increasingly sophisticated campaign operation. His advisers hold daily conference calls to discuss issues and to craft a schedule that includes visits to states with early caucuses and primaries.

Ooooohhhhhh! Daily conference calls! Look out world! The other Republican candidates should all just drop out now. What amazing thing will the Thompson noncampaign campaign do next? Make bumper stickers?

P.S. Actually, save for those two sentences and a handful of others, Hayes's piece is mercifully devoid of the swooning that seems to afflict so many other members of the conservative press when they write about Thompson these days. Rather, Hayes provides a useful tick-tock on how the Thompson for President campaign came together--and a preview of where it plans to go from here (hint: Florida). It's worth a read.

--Jason Zengerle

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