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How bad are things for John McCain? The Politico reports on his campaign's "survival plan"--which includes the fact that McCain and his advisers are taking inspiration from John Kerry's 2004 campaign:

"These same people wrote off John Kerry in October of '03 -- 'dead,' 'broke,' " Weaver said.
"He won the nomination basically three months later. As long as we have enough money to run our campaign, which we do, and as long as we have the best candidate, I'll take our chances."

Weaver's actually got a point. If Fred Thompson is the Wes Clark of this cycle, then McCain may well be the Kerry: the one-time frontrunner all but left for dead to whom the party's base--after falling in and out of love with all the alternative candidates--eventually returns, hat in hand. It's just strange that Weaver himself is saying this. But desperate times clearly call for desperate analogies.

--Jason Zengerle

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