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Will You Be My Valentine?


I'm sorry I did not get to this earlier, and there's way too much to
riff on in just this single post, but please, please do yourself a favor
and read National Review's Valentine's Day
Midge Decter swooning for Rudy! Andrew Breitbart sharing his
love for lesbian Tammy Bruce! Mona Charen shows off by hearting some
nineteenth-century Republican pol named Thomas Brackett Reed! But by far
the best is Kathryn Jean-Lopez's tribute to B-1 Bob Dornan, who ranks
next to Jim Traficant as the most amusing member in the history of the
House of Representatives. She recalls the "occasional fiery congressman
from Orange County" calling her "sweetheart" on her way from the Capitol
to the Heritage Foundation. It was an age, K-Lo recalls, "when B-1 could
say such a thing without worrying Gloria Allred would be waiting for him
back at his office."
Well, Bob certainly got away with a lot back in those days, whether it
was fist-fighting a fellow member,
calling a Soviet journalist a
"disloyal, betraying little Jew," or harping on "lesbian spearchuckers".

Minnesota Senate candidate and erstwhile comedian Al Franken once
remarked at a White House Correspondents Dinner that "having Al D'Amato
leading an ethics investigation is like getting Bob Dornan to head up a
mental health task force." In 1994, Dornan's choice quotations
were compiled into a book with the appropriate title, "Shut up, FAG!" Yes, he
actually said that.

Update: Oops! A commenter points out that the last quote was uttered by B-1 Bob's lovely wife. I regret the error. But here's an even better pearl of wisdom from Dornan: "Don't use the word gay unless it's an acronym for

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