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Thanks to the merry Planksters for letting us know what you want in TNR Online's redesign. We heard some great ideas, and we're going to take several of them. But one suggestion puzzled us: ironyroad proposed that, like a blog, we display the most recent comments at the top. So I put it, once again, to you: Should the Talkback posts descend chronologically (as they do now) or ascend (as the Plank itself does)?

P.S.: Of course, JosephCuomo is right that we (ahem, I) dropped the ball on the TNR Caption Contest. As we put to bed the first issue of The new New Republic, we chose Alec D as the winner and featured his entry in the magazine (here's a PDF). Alec, shoot us a line to claim your prize.

P.P.S.: Also, tlcastle wonders where the term TRB comes from (and does some sleuthing himself). Sadly, the answer is lost to posterity, but here (via PDF) are our working theories.

--Adam B. Kushner

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