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America Under Pressure


You may not always agree with Charles Krauthammer. Indeed, you may always disagree with him. That's certainly not true of me, not by a long shot. But even his harshest critics must grant that he is learned, cogent, compelling. And he is certainly not Pangloss or tout-va-bienovich. Moreover, his argument is never, "If only we did this...everything would be hunky-dory." In any case, the "doing this..." now means talking to our adversaries which is O.K. sometimes. But, even then, the conversation has to include their understanding that they cannot fuck with us or with our allies without incurring heavy cost. Here is a speech on America's international predicament Krauthammer gave to the Foreign Policy Research Institute on November 16. Please read it now before the eggnog addles your brain as, alas, it usually does mine.

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