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Another Resignation


No sooner had I posted the story of the resignation of Stanislaw Wojciech
Wielgus as archbishop of Warsaw, a post he had held for maybe five
minutes, O.K., five weeks, because he had been a collaborator with the
communist regime in Poland, I saw its postscript. According to AP
correspondent Vanessa Gera in Tuesday's Globe, Father Janusz
Bielanski, rector of Wawel Cathedral in beatiful old Cracow, resigned "in
connection with repeated allegations with his cooperation with the security
services of communist Poland."

The church also awaits with great trepidation the publication of a book by
Father Tadeusz Isakowicz-Zaleski who was beaten by the secret security
services. The father says that his study will document penetration of the
church by the political police in Cracow. Of course, there's something
suspicious about the name, Isakowicz-Zaleski. The hyphenate sounds vaguely
Jewish. Priest, yes. But maybe also a Jew in sheep's clothing. After
all, as noted in my previous Spine, aren't the Jews trying to destroy this

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