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Bloomberg For President?


The New York Post has been touting Mayor Bloomberg for president, which means that Rupert Murdoch has a soft-spot for the not-so-long-ago liberal who is also the wealthiest individual in American politics. In fact, one of the wealthiest people in the entire country. In my reading, he is also a very good liberal. I know that the Post's two-page spread, "Weary Voters Like Prez Mike," which revealed Murdoch's approval of Bloomberg, appeared last week. But I doubt it will end just as soon as it started, like with Hillary Clinton. Still, the point is not so much that Murdoch likes Mike. It's that, in interesting and supporting survey data, it's clear that the American people like Bloomberg and are very open to him making a race for the presidency. And he is a potential third-party candidate who is not at all as goofy and narcissistic as Ross Perot.

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