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Darfur's U.n. Fantasy


Poor Darfur. The African Union (AU) will stay in the region. Many people around the world will then think that there is a robust peacekeeping force preventing the Sudanese military and its bloody Janjaweed allies from murdering their designated enemies, the black Muslims of Sudan. The AU says they will only be there until a U.N. mobilization arrives, better equipped and with more soldiers. This is a fantasy that will never happen, and both the AU and the United Nations know it. The Khartoum government won't allow them to enter the country. And the United Nations, which could force its way in, won't. This is another grand success of Secretary-General Kofi Annan, corrupt, deceitful, and weak-spined. He is, after all, the man who stood with hands folded while Rwanda and Bosnia were drowning in blood. Thank God we will be seeing his mug only until the end of the year. And then, will we get another high-speaking cynic?

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