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David Irving Wastes No Time


David Irving is out of an Austrian jail. Believe me, I don't want him in any jail. In any case, when he is out of jail he is free to shoot off his mouth. Which actually clears the air. That is, every time he opens his mouth he shows how foul it is. This is the man who was highly praised at the conference convened by Dr. Ahmadinejad (PhD in traffic management) and designed to prove that the Holocaust never happened. In a way, David Irving was the absent star of the proceedings, star proceedings against the truth. This was a gathering of Islamofascists, left-wing anti-semites and right-wing anti-semites. They can all meet in one room, without discord or rancor, as long as they agree about the Jews. And they do, including the orthodox Jewish nut cases described by Yossi Klein Halevi in TNR Online earlier this week.

There'd also have been no dissent if Irving had praised Mel Gibson for his sensible views on the Jewish contribution to history: wars, wars, wars. But how about the epithets that Irving hurls at Africans? Here's one. The Holocaust denier told a London press conference on Friday that he'd bought a "nigger brown" Rolls Royce with cash. And I'd thought that the Rolls Royce only comes in black. Read all about the David Irving London circus in the Jerusalem Post.

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