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Destructive Ambitions


Remembering the fiftieth anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution and of the Suez crisis, I posted a Spine on the two a while back. In November 4th's Daily Telegraph, there's a column by Charles Moore tracing the present butchery in the Middle East back to the rescue of Gamal Abdel Nasser by John Foster Dulles and Dwight Eisenhower. No, imperialism couldn't have been sustained, even by American indifference to its last act in the area. And, maybe, it should have even been tried.

Still, what the United States did to its three allies (the United Kingdom, France, and Israel) was to enthrone an Egyptian tyrant with pan-Arab ambitions. These ambitions disrupted the entire region and fueled the multi-lateral attack on Israel in June of 1967, a desperate aggression. But the aggressors lost, and they are still trying to destroy the Jewish State. Which they won't and can't. In the meantime, Arabs are murdering other Arabs, and no one can stop it. No one.

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