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Do Terrorists Love Computers?


"Jihadist Groups Fill a Palestinian Power Vacuum" says the headline in the
New York Times over an extremely illuminating article by Steven Erlanger
and Hassan M. Fatah. They write about Gaza and Lebanon, where the
internecine battles among Palestinians have paradoxically left an opening
for yet another set of terrorists to stake their claim among the
population. The more of these types the sorrier, it would seem. But
that's not how the Palestinians see it.

One of the fascinating details of this dispatch is the fixation of the new
brand of jihadists on the Internet. Fixation meaning despising it and
destroying the computers that carry it. Internet cafes are a choice target
of these modern revolutionaries of Palestine. But, then, as the authors
point out, the Internet is also one of the maxi-Muslims' favored
instruments of propaganda and internal communications.

Go know!

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