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Frothy Hollywood Humanitarians


I've not seen "A Mighty Heart," the movie made out of Daniel Pearl's death
and his widow's book by the same name. In fact, I don't think it opens
until June 22, and I haven't seen any reviews yet. But there is certainly
a decent amount of advertising for the film and much talk about its
coming. Some of this has to do, of course, with Angelina Jolie and with
Brad Pitt and with her telling interviewers that she wants seven or
thirteen or fourteen children. Another part of the hype is Mariane Pearl
whose celebrity status came to her by cultivation. I had a funny feeling
about her from the beginning. But I don't know what it really is.

But Angelina is one of those frothy Hollywood humanitarians who, trying to
look evil in the eye, decides to find the best in everyone. I suppose it
was not she who decided to have "an exclusive screening" of the movie,
immediately followed by a panel discussion, "Building Unity and
Understanding in Today's World." Still, it probably pleased her to have
Paramount Vantage organize this Hollywood event, which is being
co-sponsored by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a seedy outfit
treated by me and others in this space (here, here, and here) before. Its
ties to certified terror organizations and its hate-Israel agenda make it a
strange partner to this "progressive" venture.

Which, by the way, is supported by Cafe Intifada, a venue where presumably
left-wing Jews meet their Arab counterparts, drinking dark coffee and
conjuring up the dark plots the Jewish state is planning against the
innocent Palestinian population. The basic strategy of the intifada, first
and second, was terror. Now, Hamas, which CAIR supported, has been
deploying the same sort of terror against its opponents in Gaza. But
Fatah is not innocent of terror against Israelis or Palestinians. These
are two terrorists gangs operating against each other.

P.S.: I've just read a blog-review of the film by Debbie Schlussel. It
strikes me as being more than a bit hysterical. But maybe I don't
understand how ingratiating and insipid the makers of this film--Jolie,
Pitt and Michael Winterbottom--wanted to be so they could purport to be
"Building Unity and Understanding in Today's World." Even the words
are bullshit. And the thought is worse.

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