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Pope Benedict and Archbishop Chrysostomos II, the leader of the Cypriot
Orthodox Church, pledged on Saturday to work for Middle Eastern peace.

I suppose when one speaks "to the city and to the world," one must be
forgiven one's portentousness. But, as the Reuters report on this
dramatic news points out, no Pope has ever managed even to speak with a
Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church.

If I were Benedict--forget about Chrysostomos--I'd stay away from the
Middle East. I'd realize that I had absolutely nothing to say and nothing
to add, and it's not just because I don't have any divisions.

The two church leaders uttered these memorable words: "Our churches intend
to play a role of pacification, justice and solidarity...It is our desire
to promote...a sincere dialogue among the diverse religions present and
operating in the region." This is all so silly that is actually mischievous.

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