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Apropos Mike Gapes, the Labor parliamentarian who wrote in the Guardian that the most pressing agenda item for the
government of Gordon Brown was Palestine, I have another more serious item
for Labor's attention. Frankly, there is a genocide occurring in
Zimbabwe. Millions are being starved to death.

And one of the indices of the success of this genocide is that Zimbabwe,
according to an opposition leader (and other scientific neutrals) "has the
lowest life expectancy in the world: 34 for women and 37 for men." Maybe
there is a country worse. But Zimbabwe's self-inflicted depopulating process
is awful enough.

The Brits bear responsibility. Zimbabwe was once Rhodesia, a crown colony,
and it still a member if the Commonwealth. At the first elections after
independence, London tilted towards Robert Mugabe against Bishop Muzorewa,
tilted heavily. And it is the British-backed winner who is the genocidalist.

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