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How Hillary Pays Her Debts


I wouldn't panic. Even if she actually makes it to the White House, Hillary will not desert Israel. But you can already see how people-politics will be done in another Clinton administration. After announcing his support for Hillary's campaign for the presidency and that he will run her primary operation in the crucial state of New Hampshire, of which his wife Jeanne was governor, Bill Shaheen has already put himself into the next Clinton government.

Shaheen has deep feelings for the Middle East, being a Lebanese Christian and all that. And he went to the territories with (you guessed it) Jimmy Carter to certify that the elections that catapulted Hamas into top spot in the Palestinian state that might have been was, yes, free and democratic. (Someone should do an article about these bogus certifications of democratic good behavior in places where people are still shooting each other up over politics.)

In any case, Shaheen has spread the word that, if she wins, Hillary will put him on her Middle East peace team. I don't doubt it. Like with the Bushies, the diplomatic ranks under Clinton were filled with non-entities--or worse--to pay off campaign debts. And if she wins New Hampshire, that would be a helluva debt. Hey, what Shaheen really deserves is China.

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