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If At First You Don't Succeed ...


Let my soldiers in. Well, Sudan won't allow the 20,000 United Nations troops mandated by the Security Council to enter the country. They were supposed to replace the 7,000 useless African Union troops who aren't keeping the Arab Sudanese at bay or, for that matter, keeping the black Darfuris alive. Yes, they are all Muslims. But the Darfuris are also black. And, as an old Arab proverb has it, "a black face begins a black day."

Apparently, the same prejudice reigns in Chad. Arab Chadians are now making war on black Chadians. This is just an extension of the ongoing Arab crusade against the black refugees from Darfur who have crossed the border into Chad. So, since Khartoum won't permit the U.N. into Sudan, Kofi Annan, ever inventive and self-deluding, has suggested that maybe his soldiery can enter Chad. That's what he proposed in Nairobi, and that's what he will propose at an African Union meeting in Addis Ababa.

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