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I know. I know. The American Thinker is said by some to be a right-wing magazine. So suppose it is? Read this review of Jimmy Carter's Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, and see if it doesn't make absolute sense. It's written by journalist Rick Richman. Frankly, he makes a bit too much of Carter harping, as a sign of wickedness, on the basic secularity rather than religiosity of Israeli society. Carter is right on (just) one point: Israel is not a particularly religious polity. I think that's good. He thinks it's bad. Left-liberal Carter fans might ponder for a moment the ex-president's slightly goofy reliance on a very uncomplicated faith as the basis of his ethical judgements. In any case, Roth has let Carter speak for himself. The review is punctuated by so many quotations that you almost get the entire narrative from them. Now, I have read this book. Or as much of it as I could stand. (I am a glutton for punishment so it was a lot.) It is a tendentious, dishonest and stupid book. But you can read the review yourself. If the citations intrigue you, go read the book in its entirety, or as much of it as you can stand.

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