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Mccain-lieberman '08



The common wisdom is that John McCain will now have to turn right to satisfy--no, conciliate and bend to--the more conservative opposition base of the Republican Party. I'm not so sure. To the extent that many Americans are disgusted by the rancor in our politics, a smarter move might be for McCain to run as the center candidate he has become. Almost as a non-partisan candidate. That could be accomplished by designating Joe Lieberman, Al Gore's vice presidential running mate in the theft year 2000, as his running-mate. As it happens, Lieberman seems to have the admiration of many pious Christians, Evangelical and Fundamentalist, without him being their ally on many issues that agitate them. Here's an exposition of what Lieberman would bring to a McCain ticket, a very persuasive exposition, by Jamie Kirchick.

I'm not taking odds. But I'm not dismissing the idea at all.

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