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Nobody Cares About Christians In The Middle East, And Certainly Not The Christian Churches Of America And Europe


Here is one Palestinian Muslim who does care.  Fortunately, he is a
journalist.  In the meantime, Protestant clerics are warming their
tummies over pitah and hummus, talking with Muslim holy men about
tolerance.  And the Holy See, well...
This from MEMRI, partly excerpted below.

November 12, 2008
Palestinian Columnist: Muslims Are Harming Christian Culture

In his column in the Palestinian daily Al-Ayyam,
'Abd Al-Nasser Al-Najjar criticized the persecution of Christians in Arab
countries, with a particular emphasis on the Christian population of the
Palestinian Authority.(1)
Following are excerpts from the article: 
"In Iraq, a crime is currently being committed – another in a series
of iniquities brought by the winds of change that came in the wake of the
[U.S.] occupation, which sought to impregnate Iraq with the seed of
democracy. [But] the [resulting] fetus emerged deformed and weird. The
worst outcome of this situation is, possibly, the carnage against ethnic
communities and minorities that has swept through Iraq. Neither Sunnis,
nor Shi'ites, nor Christians, nor Kurds, nor Turkmen, nor [members of]
other [groups] have managed to escape it.
"However, the string of murders and expulsions of Christians, which
has been going on for several months, is by far the most grievous – [and]
it [must be taken as] a warning that hostility and crimes against
minorities may spread to the neighboring countries [as well]...

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