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Nuclear Nightmares


I woke up this morning and went to Ha'aretz, my computer homepage.  A banner headline read "...Suicide bomber strikes Dimona."  Two articles followed. Because of military censorship of certain specific military facts neither these two articles nor the one in the Jerusalem Post (and, I assume, the Hebrew press, as well) informed the reader what the reader already knew: that Dimona, 36 km. south of Beersheva and 35 km. west of the Dead Sea, is the site of a heavy water reactor and an installation for processing irradiated fuel. This was not just a bombing of a bus station, satanic as that also is. Abu Fouad, a spokesman for the Fatah-allied Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade, claimed responsibility for the attack. But a Fatah spokesman denied that Al-Aqsa was responsible. And then someone said the bombing was organized by the "Army of Palestine." And there followed more and more claims and more denials. Luckily, (luckily?), only one person, a woman, was killed, and 11 were wounded, one critically. One of the bombers killed himself, his last stop before paradise. Another was shot by security forces. Over one of the Ha'aretz stories you can see a Reuters photograph of "a Palestinian boy handing out sweets to celebrate the suicide attack on Dimona." The caption didn't report whether the festivities were in Gaza or the West Bank. It could have been either. Imagine if the nuclear site had been hit. There would be nothing to celebrate, not in Gaza, not in the West Bank This is a demented movement.

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