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Romney's Immigration Problem


Mitt Romney sure has gall. I posted a Spine on the first part of this story, the fact that Mitt and Anne had illegal immigrants from Guatemala working on their land in Belmont, Massachusetts and on their son's, as well.

Now, there is almost no one tougher on illegal immigrants in American politics than Romney, unless it is Representative Tom Tancredo, the phobic from Colorado. How Romney squares his position on illegals with his having them doing the landscaping at his house is a question that maybe he'll have to answer in a debate. Thus far, he has sloughed off the entire issue.

Except for this important post-script. He has fixed it that Massachusetts State Troopers can arrest illegal immigrants whom they identify "during regular police duties." This item was front page on last Sunday's Boston Globe. Sorry to get to this matter a week late. The hypocrisy of this man! It's OK for him to employ (through a transparent front, of course) these illegals. But they should go to jail. Zoe Baird and Kimba Wood couldn't become Bill Clinton's attorney general for hiring just such domestic help. But Romney seems to assume that this won't block his path to the presidency. It's not just gall. It is chutzpah.

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