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Slavish Support For Hillary


I think the Gore-Obama ticket was my idea. Maybe it was the idea of thousands of people. It's so obvious. My ripple was that they should (or should have) run together in the caucuses and the primaries.

If anything spooks Hillary, it's Al Gore sprinting for the nomination. Gore-Obama, that would throw her out of the ring. And even her dragged-along supporters would heave a big sigh of relief. Bill Clinton himself thinks that Gore is ready to run. And this spooks Bill, too. His dream of a third term in the White House (and a fourth?) would be shattered. Actually, I think this fantasy of his is part of the reason why Hillary -- speaking of spooking -- spooks so many voters. If she were the nominee, a large part of the Democratic base would simply defect.

This is what the New York Post's Page Six reports this morning:

Don't count out Al Gore as a presidential candidate -- Bill Clinton certainly hasn't. Clinton, whose wife, Hillary, is leading a pack of Democrats for the 2008 nomination, was at a recent Air America relaunch at the apartment of the liberal radio network's new chief, Mark Green, when political blogger Andy Ostroy asked him, "Do you think Gore's going to run?" Clinton replied, "Someone's got to fizzle. If someone fizzles, then, yeah, he could enter the race. He's got plenty of money, his own money, to do it." Ostroy predicts: "It'll be [Barack] Obama who will fizzle by September, and Gore will toss his hat into the ring and enlist the junior senator from Illinois as his running mate. An unbeatable ticket."

And then there is Bill Clinton's nasty aside about Gore's "own money," suggesting that he could or should pay for his own campaign. I have no idea how much Al had or has. But he's been doing honest work. The Clintons have made a bundle, a real bundle. I don't see them contributing to her war chest. They're giving their virtue.

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