The Spine

Terrorism, Cont'd


Poor Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. He thought he had a cease fire
with ETA, which Elaine Sciolini calls in this morning's Times, "[T]he armed
Basque separatist organization." It is, of course, the armed Basque
terrorist organization. But, never mind. Zapatero was working on the
assumption that ETA and Spain were both on a sure path to peace. Alas,
then ten days ago, a bomb attack at Barajas airport killed two people and
injured some two dozen others. Yesterday, ETA took responsibility for the
bombing but stated that it "affirms that the permanent cease-fire started
on March 24, 2006 still stands." Schizophrenia maybe? Most certainly
not. Terrorists want to drive the world crazy. Maybe the self-righteous
Zapatero will feel some empathy with Ehud Olmert.

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