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A radical Muslim Pakistani was arrested in Oslo for shooting up a synagogue and planning an attack on the Israeli ambassador to Norway. Apparently, he was a member of a terrorist group that has not (yet) been apprehended. But terror is an intricately fashioned web, and the same group--think the police--has spun its way into Prague.

It was there that they had contemplated taking hostages in a synagogue (not the famous synagogue with the clock that moves counter-clockwise, so to speak, and with Hebrew letters, but one in the center city.) Then and there, they would make outrageous demands in exchange for releasing the prisoners, demands that they fully grasped would not be met. What then?

Here was their purpose: to murder their hostages. The authorities have not announced how they interrupted the plot, although security police were visible at Jewish institutions that survived Nazi and communist rule. The police also have not announced any arrests. But, apparently, this does not mean that there weren't any. Here, from today's Haaretz, is a full report.

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