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The Cheapening Of Tony Blair


I like Tony Blair. I like his domestic policies for Britain, and I like his foreign policy, certainly better than I do Jacques Chirac's or Vladimir Putin's. But there is also something about him that gives me the willies. It's not that he looks like Hugh Grant, although he sort of does. But Blair certainly can't dance like Grant, who played him in "Love Actually".

What actually gives me the creeps is that Blair reminds me more and more of Bill Clinton. And this has nothing to do with looks. It has to do with character. Maybe you will remember the comment in my Diarist, "The Audacity of Hope, Arkansas," on the Clintons and their billionaire friends.

Well, the British have noticed Blair's similar habits. See here.

Do you recall reading in the history books how, after Harry Truman left the White House, Harry and Bess literally got into their Buick or Oldsmobile convertible and drove home by themselves from Washington, D.C. all the way to Independence, Missouri?

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