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Well, the Democratic majority is not quite a majority after all. The party's left flank thought that every Democrat in the House would troop into line on its constitutionally bizarre attempt to limit in advance any military action the administration might want to take against Iran. Imagine, the president and the secretary of state decide that Iran has done something that endangers the country's security or the security of our important allies (which include Israel and Saudi Arabia.) They may just want to fire a warning shot so that Iran knows that we are serious, very serious. Uh, uh, say the Democrats. You must come first come to the Congress and get approval for whatever tactical step the administration wants to take. There will be a big debate in Congress over a long period of time. The bloviators will bloviate, and the show-boaters will showboat. This is not really serious, and it is, I believe, constitutionally flawed. Read the article in this morning's Sun about the two heroes of the moment, Representatives Eliot Engel and Gary Ackerman, and how they demonstrated to Nancy Pelosi that this would also be a disaster for the Democrats.

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