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Withdraw From Gaza


We know that the mob that rules Gaza does not want a final settlement with
settlement. It is more likely that they want a "final
solution." Yesterday, out of nine Kassams aimed at the Negev town of
Sderot, one hit the court-yard of a day care center. It was early in the
morning, and children were arriving for the day. Miraculously, one
might say, no one was killed and no one was hurt. Credit for the rocket
fire was claimed by Islamic Jihad, but Gaza is a place now where nothing is
done without the assent of Hamas--which, by the way, has not been
denied. This is a brazen act of escalation.

What is Israel to do? Some in the IDF have been pressing for a fierce
attack on Gaza, one that presumably the Arabs will not easily or soon
forget. Some, like defense minister Ehud Barak, have put before the
government the notion that electric power should be cut off and the
delivery of gasoline stopped. Oh, some of you say, that punishes the
civilians of Gaza.

OK, so what is Israel really to do? Perhaps it should withdraw from Gaza
and leave it all to the Palestinians.

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