Debate-day Polls: Romney Weeps Edition

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NOVEMBER 28, 2007

Debate-day Polls: Romney Weeps Edition

Supreme Confidence [Kevin Drum, Political Animal]: "Hillary only has five offices up and running so far in the Feb. 5
states? Why? She has plenty of money, she has a top notch campaign
operation, ten weeks isn't very long for regional offices to get fully
staffed and functional, and she can't possibly believe with any
confidence that the whole thing is going to be over by the end of
January. So why wait so long to begin serious local organizing?"

Rudy's Slide [Byron York, The Corner]: "[A] new Palmetto Poll of the presidential race in
South Carolina by Clemson University political scientists.  The
scholars warn that the numbers are close, and there are a lot of
undecideds, but the headline is that Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee have
shot upward in the South Carolina standings, while Rudy Giuliani has
taken a big dive."

Mitt Toppled [Eric Kleefeld, TalkingPointsMemo]: "Wow. We now have the first poll showing Mike Huckabee leading in Iowa. The new Rasmussen poll gives Huckabee 28%, Romney 25%, Giuliani 12% and Fred Thompson 11%."

No Soup for You! [Ron Chusid, Liberal Values]: "Any sensible politician would realize it was time to drop the idea, but Edwards has decided to continue to play the authoritarian populist despite a steady drop in support.... John Edwards repeated his threat [to Congress on healthcare] in an interview on New Hampshire Public Radio."

State of the Union [Scott Ott, Scrappleface]: "According to official sources, the following is a video of the most
important question slated to be asked at the CNN/YouTube Republican presidential debate."

--Dayo Olopade

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