Dodd Balls; A Plumber, A Chef And A President Walk Into A Bar...


Dodd Balls [ThinkProgress]: "Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) took to the Senate floor and protested the [FISA] bill
today, arguing that that Congress should not reward the President’s 'favored corporations' for betraying 'millions of customers’ trust.' In response to the White House’s insistence that the telecomm’s actions
were legal, Dodd explained, '[W]e say to President Bush that a nation
of truly free men and women would never take ‘trust me’ for an answer,
not even from a perfect president — and certainly not from him.' "

Playing With Fire [Matthew Yglesias, The Atlantic]: "Barack Obama reaps the harvest of his campaign's idiotic decision to
start releasing oppo research on Paul Krugman as the latter unloads on Obama,
slamming him as 'the anti-change candidate' who's such a prisoner of
his desire for good press coverage that he's ignoring a vast populist
tide sweeping the country."

All Three Fix Le(e)ks [Frank James, The Swamp]: "I'm no logician. And I certainly don't want to pick a fight with
Clinton, who was one one of the smartest presidents the U.S. has ever
produced. But I don't think the plumber-chef thing works as an analogy."

Sully for Ron [Andrew Sullivan, The Atlantic]: "Paul and McCain ... have both said things to GOP
audiences that they knew would offend. They have stuck with their
positions despite unpopularity. They're not saints, but they believe
what they say. Both have also taken a stand against the cancerous and
deeply un-American torture and detention regime constructed by Bush and
Cheney and Rumsfeld. In my book, that counts."

Laugh Track [Hot Air] "The Glacier broke the Democrat picket line against Fox News Channel
this morning and appeared on Fox & Friends for the first time in
the program’s 11-year history. Her appearance on Fox might have
something to do with the polls, and might be a show of desperation in
the face of the Obama surge. I’ll have a bit more of the interview
edited to post here in a bit, but for now, here’s the Hillary cackle to
end all Hillary cackles."


 --Dayo Olopade 

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