No More 'war Room'; Huckabee Hates Energy


Somebody Tell Howard
Wolfson [Tom Maguire, Just
One Minute
]: "Enough with the 'war room' metaphor.  It was
cute in 1992 when the Cold War was over and the messenger was baby-faced George
Stephanopoulos but this is 2007 and we are a nation truly at war, a point your
team would do well to remember."


The Not-So-Clever
Futures Markets [Brendan
]: "Have the odds of Obama winning the race actually increased by
nine percentage points in the last seven days? It seems disproportionate to the
gains that he's made."


If You Can't Say
Anything Nice
[Dan McLaughlin, RedState]:
"While Romney is clearly having some troubles with voters who are
uncomfortable with the doctrines of his church, the last thing in the world
Huckabee should be doing, morally or as a matter of political strategy, is
inflaming sectarian divides within the GOP."


More Brilliant
Huckabee Insight [Kevin Drum, Washington
]: "So when Mike Huckabee told Katie Couric that we ought
to be "free
of energy consumption in this country within a decade,"
what do you
think he really meant? … Will anyone press him on this? Or will he get the
village idiot treatment that Republicans since Ronald Reagan have so often
gotten, where they're sort of expected to say harebrained stuff and nobody
holds it against them?"


--Josh Patashnik

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