Pakistan Enters The Race, Keeps Rudy "up At Night"

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NOVEMBER 7, 2007

Pakistan Enters The Race, Keeps Rudy "up At Night"

Bill Shills for Hill [Patrick Healy, New York Times]:

"Bill Clinton’s
suggestion that his wife faced a Republican-style 'Swift boat' attack
during and after the last Democratic debate drew a rebuke yesterday
from Senator Barack Obama, who said, 'I was pretty stunned by that statement.' "


Pressure Drop [Philip Elliott, Associated Press]: 

"Edwards, speaking to voters at a Newmarket music hall yesterday, said
his rivals aren't being honest about Iraq and should have to say
whether they would continue combat missions and how soon they would
bring all U.S. troops home."


Pakistan on the Trail [Susan Davis, Wall Street Journal]:

The unfolding international crisis has forced the candidates to pivot
from what had been the big foreign policy issues: the Iraq war and
Iran's nuclear program. The Republican hopefuls largely defended the
Bush administration's steps so far, while Democrats voiced criticism."


Rudy On the Big Screen [Brian Williams, MSNBC]: 

Rudy Giuliani goes one-on-one about Kerik, Clinton, the pre-9/11 years, and that Yankees comment.

Rudy Giuliani on Hillary, 9/11 and moreRudy Giuliani on Hillary, 9/11 and more


On Ethanol, We Trust?  [Jason Clayworth, Des Moines Register]:

"Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said today that rival Hillary Clinton’s past record shows she’s anti-ethanol."


On Time, On Message [Jeff Zeleny, New York Times]: 

"Here in Iowa, punctuality in politics can be important. As candidates
are aggressively working to court voters, any slight – even appearing
late at a rally – can turn off voters."


--Dayo Olopade 

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