"triangulation" Now, Pardons Later!

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Obama bashes it. I haven't seen his full remarks, only this AP account, so I don't know how much emphasis he placed on it. But triangulation seems like a pretty musty and largely forgotten concept to me, and not something bound to move many voters.

Heck, if things get much worse for Obama, why not go after the infamous pardons? The final day of the Clinton presidency was among its lowest moments. And the pardons offer a lot for Obama: There's a Hillary angle (via her brother). They link to the unease some people have about the Clintons' ethics (my sense is even many Democrats found them disgusting). And talk about an event that made politics seem rigged by the big-money insiders Obama decries. Maybe this could be his "panic" button should Obama ever decide to go truly negative....

--Michael Crowley

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