Romney The Outcast; Dems Question Clinton Tactics


They Really, Really Hate Him [Michael Luo, The New York Times]: "With so much attention recently on the sniping between Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama on the Democratic side, the almost visceral scorn directed at Mr. Romney by his rivals has been overshadowed."

Fed Up With the Clintons [Alec MacGillis and Anne E. Kornblut, Washington Post]: "Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential campaign aired a new radio ad Wednesday that repeated a discredited charge against Sen. Barack Obama, in what some Democrats said is part of an increasing pattern of hardball politics by her and former president Bill Clinton."

It Goes On [Stephen Ohlemacher, Associated Press]: "Don't look to crown any presidential nominees on Super Tuesday. The race for delegates is so close in both parties that it is mathematically impossible for any candidate to lock up the nomination on Feb. 5, according to an Associated Press analysis of the states in play that day."

Hometown Underdog [Roddie A. Burris, The State]: "A clearly frustrated Edwards, the Seneca [South Carolina] native who is running third in
his native state, said his message has been lost in the media glare
given two 'celebrity candidates.'"

The 9/11 Record [Stephen Braun, Los Angeles Times]: "Giuliani's composed performance on Sept. 11 is the foundation of his
quest for the presidency. But some of the chaos that hobbled rescuers
that morning was rooted in his blind spots as New York's mayor. The man
who titled his autobiography Leadership proved to be masterfully
reactive to crisis but sketchier in preparing for the unknown."

--Josh Patashnik

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