Slams On Health Care; Rudy's Nose Grows


Bloom-Bama? [Gawker]:
"Barack Obama is in town, and early
this morning he broke bread with Mayor Bloomberg!
Everyone is very,
very excited! What could this possibly indicate? A potential
Obamaloomberg ticket?"

 GOPinocchio [Greg
Sargent, The
Horse's Mouth
]"[T]oday The New York Times has come through
in a big way, delivering an epic,
front-page fact-check of the multiple falsehoods
that have been tumbling
forth from Rudy since the beginning of Campaign 2008. The piece is just
devastating, saying as clearly as one could expect from the Times that
Rudy is, well, full of sh-t."

 Blacks for Barack
[Andrew Sullivan, The
Daily Dish
]: "Obama…is counting on Iowa to do the job, even though it has a
very small black population. Why? Because one of the biggest obstacles to black
support is the widespread sense that a black man can't get elected in America. If a
black man can win the Iowa
caucuses, they might just begin to change their minds. And if they do, then South Carolina looks much more promising for the Illinois senator."

 Or Not [Chase Martyn,
Iowa Independent]:
"As Saturday night's Brown and Black Presidential Forum in Des Moines draws near,
concerns have emerged about the way it is being organized.  The forum,
which is the oldest minority-focused presidential debate in the country, is one
of the great traditions of the Iowa Caucuses, but local activists and campaigns
have been frustrated by…. the uncharacteristic exclusivity of the planning for
this year's forum."

 Caught Out There
[The Beat]: "Rather
than acknowledge the flaws in his own [health care] plan, Obama has attacked
Clinton and Edwards in language that does indeed 'sound like Rudy Giuliani
inveighing against '"socialized medicine."' And Krugman is right to
call the senator out on his wrongheaded approach."

 And There [Matt Stoller,
Open Left]: "Politically,
[Edwards' health plan] is a very attractive situation for the health care
industry.  If the industry can simply prevent the government entity from
existing while retaining a universal mandate in the final plan, what they will
essentially be creating will be a privatized tax system that moves money from
individuals to insurance companies from the current crop of the uninsured by
government fiat."

 --Dayo Olopade

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