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SEEING GREEN: Jim Kuhnhenn, AP: "Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton has pulled ahead of rival Barack Obama at the bank as well as in the polls and both continue to crush Republicans in the money race."

FAMILY FRIENDLY: Klaus Marre, The Hill: "Clinton proposed to let states come up with 'innovative paid family leave programs' that would be funded through a $1 billion grant program. In addition, the senator calls for the expansion of the Family Medical Leave Act and said all workers should be guaranteed seven days of sick leave."

DAVID AND GOLIATH: Mike Allen, Politico: "In a preview of a new, underdog argument from a campaign that previously sought to project strength, Obama says he's facing 'the most entrenched political machine in Democratic politics.'"

FARM BOY: Jason Clayworth, DesMoines Register: "Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama unveiled a farm plan here today that would limit farm subsidies, push for tougher fines for polluters and establish country of origin labeling."

POND HOPPING: D'Arcy Doran, AP: "The British capital has become a favorite destination for presidential hopefuls or their spouses seeking campaign contributions from Americans overseas and--perhaps more importantly--to show the folks back home they can hold their own on the international stage ... Obama has been the most successful at raising money overseas: $194,250 in the first half of the year, followed by Giuliani with $119,450 and Clinton with $51,450."

--Ben Crair

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