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New Republic August 18, 2015
August 18, 2015

I Was There But I Didn’t See It Happen

During WWII, Mary McCarthy laments that "the American papers have been serviced by a mass of amateur armchair political philosophers."Mary McCarthy

The Final File

Exploring the Social Security administration’s list of America’s dead.Paul Ford

Eat Meat?

Is it time to reexamine my own conscience?Corby Kummer

Hillary Clinton—She’s Just Like Us!

The guilty pleasure of reading politicians’ emails.Josephine Wolff

Your Right to Die Isn’t Enough

The ethics and morality of assisted suicide.Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig

Stop Making Superhero Movies Just for Grown-Ups

'Batman v Superman' and 'Suicide Squad' are everything that's wrong with the genre today.Jeet Heer

The Jihadist of Copenhagen

Why a young man in one of the happiest countries on earth committed a brutal act of terrorism. William Wheeler

Corn Wars

Inside a secret Cold War in the nation's heartland.Ted Genoways

Ethnography on Trial

Alice Goffman's acclaimed book "On the Run" tells a compelling story. But can we trust it?Steven Lubet

At War in the Garden of Eden

Christian militia and ISIS invaders fight for Iraq’s Nineveh Plains.Jen Percy

Music From a Farther Room

Celebrating 100 years of “Prufrock.”Damian Lanigan

Our Shared Tragedy of Amy Winehouse

Can you tell the story of a tabloid sensation—albeit a supremely talented one—without involving scuzzy voyeurism?Chloe Schama

Mockingbird, Inc.

Harper Lee’s juvenilia sprouts a literary industry.William Giraldi

Sex, Lies, and the Internet

Jonathan Franzen’s reckoning with his literary inheritance.Sam Tanenhaus

Modern Magdalenes

A searing look at life on the street.Sarah Marshall

How to Live Within a Black Body

Ta-Nehisi Coates’s “Between the World and Me” is a letter to his son, and a lesson for all of us.Bijan Stephen

A Passion for the Void

Understanding Clarice Lispector’s strange and surreal fiction.Benjamin Anastas

How Homeowners on the Jersey Shore Are Making Their Houses Hurricane-Ready

These houses look a bit less Jersey and a bit more Southeast Asia.The New Republic Staff

American Runner

Poetry from Roger Reeves, a winner of the 2015 Whiting Award.Roger Reeves

Regulatory Capture

Poetry from Jillian Weise, author of The Amputee’s Guide to Sex, The Book of Goodbyes, and the novel The Colony.Jillian Weise

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