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New Republic March 1, 2015
March 1, 2015

Authoritarian Outfitters

German neo-Nazis’ favorite clothing brand is expanding throughout Europe.Thomas Rogers

Working on the Race Beat

The future of racial coverage at The New York Times and elsewhere.Jamil Smith

Let’s Really Be Friends

A defense of online intimacy.Kyle Chayka

Meet the Black _________

The problem with racial equivalencies.Stacia L. Brown

The Exhibitionist

Daryl Richardson built a jungle in the heart of Dallas and filled it with exotic creatures. No one asked any questions—until he set his sights on the world’s rarest sloth.Ben Crair

Fear of a Radical Pope

The conservative struggle for the future (and past) of the Catholic church.Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig

Inexcusable Absences

Harsh truancy laws don't help students get an education—and they unfairly attack poor parents.Dana Goldstein

The Secretary General in His Labyrinth

When Ban Ki-moon was a child, the United Nations saved his village from a war. Can he save the U.N. from irrelevance?Jonathan M. Katz

Phantom of the Orchestra

Mamoru Samuragochi’s story hit all the right notes: a deaf genius whose music inspired a nation. But the “Japanese Beethoven” wasn’t who he seemed.Christopher Beam

In Praise of Meaningless Work

Mindfulness mantras are the latest tool of corporate control. Joe Keohane

Look MoMA, I’m on TV!

Throughout the decades that film has appeared in the museum, TV has remained mostly beneath contempt. Saul Austerlitz

Tearing Up the Pop Charts

If popular music is escapist fun, why are the songs so sad?David Hajdu

Immortal Beloved

Why writers want fans who last forever.William Giraldi

Workers of the Word Unite

On language and class at the copy desk.Julia Holmes

Men in Space

The novelist of disenchantment finds meaning.David Marcus


An abridged list of operations.Solmaz Sharif

Planes, Frames and Automobiles

The latest entry in a genre of photography in which actual events look like special effects from movies. Geoff Dyer

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