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New Republic February 1, 2015
February 1, 2015

A Letter from the Editor

Gabriel Snyder on The New Republic's future.Gabriel Snyder

Big Cattle, Big Gulp

Stop protecting this mythological hero.Christopher Ketcham

Ultra-Orthodox Jews Are Panicking Over Their Matchmaking Crisis

Are there too many unmarried women in the community?Batya Ungar-Sargon

Why Women Can’t Break Free from the Parent Trap

This is what it’s like to be pregnant at workRebecca Traister

Facing the Truth About Climate Change

Here's a political solution to a looming global catastrophe.Jeffrey Ball

Jose Mujica Was Every Liberal's Dream President. He Was Too Good to Be True.

He spoke truth to power, and legalized marijuana and abortion. So why are Uruguay's progressives so disappointed?Eve Fairbanks

Creative Destruction

Is it still possible to survive as an artist in America?William Giraldi

Serial Offenders

'Mad Men,' 'True Detective,' and the miseducation of the fanatical TV viewer.Esther Breger

America's Billionaires Are Turning Public Parks Into Playgrounds for the Wealthy

The rise of the "independent manager" and the decline of public space. Inga Saffron

Even Kim Gordon Doesn't Have It All

I used to think she did—until I read her memoir.Ann Friedman

Mommy Meanest

Rachel Cusk, the famously ambivalent mother, is back.Britt Peterson


A poem in memoriam of Ferguson.Rickey Laurentiis

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