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New Republic November 24, 2014
November 24, 2014

Woolf, Updike, and Nabokov: The Best Letters to the Editor in New Republic History

Plus: Michael Kinsley, Warren Buffett, and Feliz Frankfurther—they all wrote to The New Republic.and

The New Republic's Best Sentences

A necessarily incomplete list.

Let's Just Say It: Women Matter More Than Fetuses Do

Abortion isn't about fetuses. It's about women. Time to change the conversation.Rebecca Traister

The Year Washington Lost Its Mind

It was also the year I found my calling.Jonathan Chait

Yale, Harvard, Yale, Harvard, Yale, Harvard, Harvard, Harvard, Columbia

I’ve never despaired more for the Supreme Court. And it has very little to do with how conservative it has become. Dahlia Lithwick

The Man Who Was Everywhere

If it happened, he was there.Jason Zengerle

The Story of How The New Republic Invented Modern Liberalism

In honor of our 100th anniversary, the history of our founding.Franklin Foer

Hello, My Name Is Stephen Glass, and I’m Sorry

He nearly destroyed this magazine. Sixteen years later, his former best friend finally confronts him.Hanna Rosin

Stop Trying to Save the World

Big ideas are destroying international development.Michael Hobbes

The Obama Whisperer

Want to understand the Obama years—the whiplash between awe and despair, promise and pain? Start here.Noam Scheiber

The 100 Thinkers Who Defined Our Century

The Science of Suffering

Why do some people cope with trauma better than others? We’re finally beginning to understand.Judith Shulevitz

Shadow Catcher

Reason and the Republic of Opinion

We need not be a nation of intellectuals, but we must not be a nation of idiots.Leon Wieseltier

Extreme Wealth Is Bad for Everyone—Especially the Wealthy

The filthy rich, writes Michael Lewis, are unhappy, unhelpful, and always wanting more.Michael Lewis

Save the Humanities in Our Public Schools

We're depriving students of their national heritage. Here's how to fix that.Helen Vendler

How to Fix America's Foreign Policy

What Obama should learn from Kissinger's new book.Anne-Marie Slaughter

Callow, Grating, and Glib: The First-Person Fodder of Lena Dunham Inc.

"Psycho-Twaddle, Affirmational Platitudes, and Show-Offy Candor"James Wolcott

Cut-Out of the Artist as a Young Man

The Met's new Matisse exhibition is the must-see museum show in New York this fall.Jed Perl


Sometime after the cherry branches fill with new green...Henri Cole


This is what I hate...Joyce Carol Oates

Burial of St. Lucy

Mid-December and the episode is over...Sarah Handley

Ponies at the South Pole

They are quieter than quiet. They are colder than cold...Emily Fragos


Once we had the world backwards of fowards...Wislawa Szymborska

After the Storm

The harsh sand stings. The salt air is bitter.Jill Bialosky


My black cat staggering, dropping on her hocks...Lauren S. Cook

A Poem and A Logo: What Walt Whitman Gave The New Republic

There is no more evocative emblem of the vicissitudes of destiny, of the grand drama of forward movement, than a ship. Leon Wieseltier

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