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New Republic October 13, 2014
October 13, 2014

From the Stacks: “Do Not Go Sober,” March 30, 1987

A Week of News For People Who Don't Like to Read

How to Reveal You Had an Abortion

A guide for Wendy Davis and other politicians.Rebecca Traister

I Can See the Senate From My House

The Smelly Body is Beautiful.

This Is What's the Matter With Kansas

Sam Brownback tried to create a conservative utopia. He created a conservative hell instead.John B. Judis

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is an American Hero

The feminist icon has some choice advice for other women.Jeffrey Rosen

Louisiana Is Disappearing Into the Sea

Literally. And while it sinks, pols and environmentalists sling mud.Nathaniel Rich

The Dogmatist

The Crazy Dog Lady Recognizes Spring and Is Momentarily Buoyed by a Joy She Had Wholly Forgotten

The Health of Nations

Gnawa Boy, Marrakesh, 1968

This Extraordinary Diary Reminds Us Why Books Matter

Jean Guéhenno's act of private resistance during German occupation.David A. Bell



"M" & "M"

Danaë in D.C.

Can You Tell From This Photo If Oscar Pistorius Is Guilty?

This image is worthless as evidence but dripping with meaning.Geoff Dyer

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