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New Republic November 1, 2015
November 1, 2015

From The Stacks: Deported

The Chaotic Wisdom of Wikipedia Paragraphs

How Wikipedia's editors built an online universe that anyone could use, and then everyone did.Paul Ford

Sorry, Blue Apron. The Joys of Cooking Can’t Fit in a Box.

Mail-order meal kits might be easy, but they take all the fun out of the kitchen.Corby Kummer

Inside the Migrant “Jungle” in Northern France

An illustrated dispatch from the front lines of Europe's immigration crisis.Peter Wieben

An Oligarch in Populist’s Clothing

Gun Control Advocates Make Slow Progress—Just Not in Washington

Efforts to push gun control in Congress have failed, but smaller reforms are taking hold in the states.Suzy Khimm

Inside the Massive Rag Yards That Wring Money Out of Your Discarded Clothes

How rag yards—sorting facilities for secondhand clothes—are rejuvenating the vintage clothing market. Whitney Mallett

The Wonder Drug

Are hemp oil businesses peddling a miracle drug to epilepsy patients, or is it just snake oil?Elizabeth Bruenig

First, Let’s Get Rid of All the Bosses

Inside Zappos' radical experiment to reinvent the American workplace.Roger D. Hodge

Me, Inc.

Is it possible to appeal to everybody and still be authentic?Ann Friedman

“Don't Shoot! I'll Put the Animals Back! Please!”

The dramatic tale of a flash flood that killed hundreds of animals at a zoo in post-Soviet Georgia.Sarah A. Topol

Pulp Propaganda

The Buz Sawyer comics were famous for big battles against America’s Cold War foes. But who was behind it all?Jeet Heer

Why I Live Where I Live

What Peggy Did

Mary Gaitskill Makes the Superficial Bearable

Her new novel “The Mare” finds hidden truths in ordinary moments.Hannah Tennant-Moore

Electric Literature

Life as Player One

Michael Clune's new book shows the spiritual side of gaming.Bijan Stephen

Speaking in Tongues

Inside the world of lexicographers who create languages like Dothraki, Elvish, and Klingon.Josephine Livingstone

This Is What a Modern Bride in Afghanistan Looks Like

Tamineh Monzavi photographs the lives of young women in Iran and Afghanistan.Mikaela Lefrak

Bird Boy

El Greco

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