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From the Stacks: 'Toy Goy'

On Passover 1993, then–senior editor Michael Lewis found himself alone in an empty New Republic office.Michael Lewis

You’re a Good Man, Charlie Windsor

Sympathy for the forever prince.Thomas Mallon

I Was a Pakistani Soap Opera Star!

The diary of a Pakistani soap opera star.Mira Sethi

Baby Kristol

Meet Yuval Levin, the right’s new favorite intellectual.Marc Tracy

Chávez the Unfriendly Ghost

What will happen to Venezuela now that the caudillo is dead?Enrique Krauze

The Volume-Driven Life

Imagine how much happier you’d be if you could just adjust the sound.Tim Wu

Everyone's a Queen

Is welfare spending, as Republicans now claim, the largest item in the federal budget? Only if you make up a new definition for welfare.Timothy Noah

The Non-Alumni Network: A Guide to Harvard's Most Famous Fakers

Molly Redden

Slyer Than Fox

Phil Griffin is charming and impulsive, a TV savant who built MSNBC into a liberal oasis. But if you think he cares about the future of American liberalism, you’re very much mistaken. Rebecca Dana

MOOCs of Hazard

Will online education dampen the college experience? Yes. Will it be worth it? Well...Andrew Delbanco

The All-Night King of the Capital

Learning the art of power politics from one of the most inexhaustible—and exhausting—men in Washington.Julia Ioffe

Mortal Beloved

For thousands of women in Sierra Leone, motherhood remains a war zone.Lynsey Addario

How to Save American Finance from Itself

As chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke can explain a lot about its response to the housing bubble. What he can't explain is whether much of our finance industry is more trouble than it's worth. Robert M. Solow

Afghanistan After the War

In our preoccupation with our war in Afghanistan, we've lost sight of how to bring the country peace.Ahmed Rashid

Moneyball for Judges

How can we learn how political judges' decisions are? By looking at the statistics.Cass R. Sunstein

The Post-Jazz Jazz of John Hollenbeck

John Hollenbeck's wildly experimental music matters not for its wild experiments. It matters because it's good.David Hajdu

Derek Cianfrance's America

For the second time, Derek Cianfrance has put Ryan Gosling on the edge of a great character: the American failure who has the neediness and the inner life of a wild genius. David Thomson

What Big Data Will Never Explain

Against the messianic conception of data—Big Data.Leon Wieseltier

Flypaper: The Most Compelling Details From My Last Two Weeks of Reading

Laura Bennett

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