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From the Stacks: What Stevenson Started

Ignore Huma Abedin

You shouldn't care about political wives.Isaac Chotiner

The Koch Brothers Used to Be Basketball Stars

In 1962, two of the Koch brothers were MIT basketball stars.The New Republic Staff

A Quixotic History of Doomed Efforts to Fix Spelling

The Grumpy Grammarian on how we cope with the gap between how words sound and how we write them down.John McWhorter

Don’t You Dare Say "Disruptive"

It’s the most pernicious cliché of our time.Judith Shulevitz

Science Is Not Your Enemy

A plea for an intellectual truce.Steven Pinker

John McCain, Undecided 2016 Voter

John McCain on Fox's schizophrenia, the Tea Party's nihilism, and the difficulty of choosing between Rand Paul and Hillary Clinton in 2016. Isaac Chotiner

The Feminists of Zion

The women who are helping to shape Israel’s future.Allison Kaplan Sommer and Dahlia Lithwick

Lincoln's Long Game

Is Lincoln's compromised, hesitant effort to end slavery defensible?Andrew Delbanco


Like so many ears opening, then squeezing shut ...Monica Ferrell

What Camus Understood About the Middle East

The Algerian Chronicles of Albert Camus reveal the callous simplicity of conventional anti-colonialist dogma.Paul Berman

What You Can Learn from the New Science of Smarter Spending

A new car or a dream vacation? The science of happiness recommends spending money on experiences rather than things, but it ignores finer distinctions.Cass R. Sunstein

Firing Squad (Manet)

and beyond the canyons of city shadow these blindfold men ...Eamon Grennan

Aaron Sorkin's Lightweight Moral Gravity

Turning from "The Newsroom" to “Burning Bush” is to go back in time and to come forward in sensibility.David Thomson

Confessions of a Reading Machine

I, Number Three Plus Four Divided By Seven ...Wisława Szymborska

Oprah Lied at Harvard

Oprah's privileged optimism does not change the fact the failure exists.Leon Wieseltier

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