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In Dedham Jail: A Visit With Sacco and Vanzetti

Why Eric Holder Always Disappoints Himself

Why the attorney general always disappoints himself.Isaac Chotiner

Cinema of the Unknown Soldier

From The Dirty Dozen to Zero Dark Thirty: How war movies got small.Walter Kirn

Sources of Discomfort

National security reporting in the age of leak hunts.Noreen Malone

Snoopy, Snoopier, Snoopiest

How should you feel about the latest invasions of privacy? We asked Jeffrey Rosen to give us a tip sheet for the scandals.Jeff Guo

Jesus and Moses Went on Cleanses

Scientifically sound resolution: Avoid this idiotic modern crazeJudith Shulevitz

The Grumpy Grammarian: Surely, Actually the Scolds Have Lost Their Minds

The Grumpy Grammarian says: Words change their meaning, so give the vice president a break.John McWhorter

The Year of the Skyjacker

In 1972, they owned the skies.Brendan I. Koerner

President Rand Paul

His views are extreme. His political skills are fierce. And that's what makes him so dangerous.Julia Ioffe

"What Part of 'Politico' Do You Not Understand?"

A conversation about the dark art of driving the conversation.Isaac Chotiner

Boondoggle Goes Boom

A demented tale of how the Army actually does business.Robert Draper

Poets and Czars

The “other” Russia, the Russia of poets and writers, the Russia of culture, destroyed in the Soviet Union, was preserved underground and in emigration. Will it help to give Russia its third chance at democracy?Mikhail Shishkin

Dinner with Friends

It’s so beautiful in the yard right now ...Emily Hoffman

Against Cynicism

Peter Sloterdijk, one of Germany’s best-known philosophers for 30 years, has just emerged in English. He makes philosophical problems come alive as well as any thinker at work today. Adam Kirsch


Found:/ Home from the beach, an argument ...Rex Wilder

Failure to Rescue

President Roosevelt’s policies about Jews were calculated the way he calculated other strategic options: politically. But some choices fall in a different, more fundamental, dimension. That is what Josiah DuBois implied when he charged the United States with complicity in Hitler’s murders. These judgments still sting.Ira Katznelson


O give me a room in a hotel ...Patrizia Cavalli

An American Poet Outgrows Surrealism

Dean Young is one of the most distinguished mid-career poets in America. His new book of new and selected poems shows how he has emerged from a dire medical condition to write the best poems of his life.Adam Plunkett

The American Left Turns Away from Syria's Agony

"Stay out of Syria!” screams the cover of The New York Review of Books. It would have been graphically cumbersome, I guess, or bad for newsstand sales, to have printed it this way: “Ignore the Murder of a Hundred Thousand People and the Massacre of Children and the Use of Chemical Weapons and the Bombing of a Civilian Population by Its Government and Millions of Displaced Persons Outside Syria and Millions of Displaced Persons Inside Syria and the Destabilization of Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan and the Aggression of Hezbollah and the Ascendancy of Iran!” Leon Wieseltier

The Most Compelling Details from My Last Two Weeks of Reading

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