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From the Stacks: 'Journey Through a Peaceful Land'

Tiger's Beat

The joylessness of watching the world’s once-best athlete.Charles McGrath

The Corporate Mystique

Sheryl Sandberg and the folly of Davos-style feminism.Judith Shulevitz

Cat Photos on Ice

Why did Facebook build its latest data center just south of the Arctic Circle?Willy Staley

The Power of Orange

A mash note to John Boehner, the House GOP's master negotiator. Noam Scheiber

Why Conservatives Want to Break Up the Banks, Too

Why conservatives want to break up the banks, too.Timothy Noah

The End of the Two-State Solution

We're on the cusp of a generational shift that will make the dream of peace not just implausible but impossible.Ben Birnbaum

Forgive Me Mentor, For I Will Run

How Marco could end Jeb's electoral career.Marin Cogan

The Boys of Lancaster

Nine innings with the boys of LancasterKent Russell

The American Voices of the Islamist Regime in Iran

How did two former members of the National Security Council come to support a repressive theocracy?Abbas Milani


Howard Zinn copied, pasted, and simplified his way to A People's History of the United States. The rest of his scholarship wasn't much better.David Greenberg

Life and Art in Steinberg, Hockney, and Wojnarowicz

New biographies retell the lives of three artists but don't explain how they turned their lives into art.Jed Perl

Why 'The Shining' Continues to Shine

As a documentary about The Shining, Room 237 is a tribute to Kubrick and a parody of film commentary.David Thomson

Syria, Bosnia, and the Old Mistakes

It has been two years since fifteen teenagers in the town of Dara’a scrawled “the people want the regime to fall” on the wall of a school. Two years. The Obama administration may as well not have existed.Leon Wieseltier

The Most Compelling Details From My Last Two Weeks of Reading

Michael Schaffer

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