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From the Stacks: "On Knocking Miss Novak"

How Mitch McConnell Enabled Barack Obama

Being an obstructionist wasn't why he came to Washington.Isaac Chotiner

Better Read Than Red

Infuriating and brilliant, the “New Statesman” turns 100.Geoffrey Wheatcroft


Being against marriage equality doesn’t make you a monster.Michael Kinsley

Boston Strong Man

How the marathon bombings revealed the genius to Tom Menino’s approach to big-city boss-hood.Joe Keohane

Freedom From, Freedom To

Yes, you can end a sentence in a preposition.John McWhorter

Congrats On Your Mega-Deal!

Bill Kristol's Galactic Empire

The many, many board seats of D.C.'s ultimate operator.Molly Redden

Not That Kind of Girl

While everyone was fawning over Lena Dunham, Liz Meriwether made a show that's funnier and more true to life. Noreen Malone

The Lethality of Loneliness

For the first time in history, we understand how isolation can ravage the body and brain. Now, what should we do about it?Judith Shulevitz

My Five Obamacare Anxieties

The five scenarios that keep this reform advocate up at nightJonathan Cohn

How Michelle Rhee Misled Education Reform

"Michelle Rhee simply isn't interested in reasoning forward from evidence to conclusions: Conclusions are where she starts, which means her book cannot be trusted."Nicholas Lemann

Opera Is Not Dead

Two excellent historians of opera have written a large and ebullient history of opera. It is odd that the book should end with a whimper, but it does. G.W. Bowersock

What Should We Call Depression?

The different forms of depression have been hard to keep straight for centuries. One of our best historians of psychiatry has a bold proposal for making sense of the disease.Sherwin B. Nuland


Maybe love really does mean the submission of power...Carl Phillips

Jacques Callot's Line Sublime

“Princes & Paupers: The Art of Jacques Callot,” mounted at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, is a brave attempt to raise the profile of a sublime seventeenth-century printmaker.Jed Perl

'Seduced and Abandoned': This is What a Movie Deal Looks Like in 2013

Two friends, Alec Baldwin and director James Toback, elected to go to the Cannes Festival with a film crew. Their plan was to make a movie about themselves running around Cannes attempting to raise money for a project. The result is a more candid portrait of Cannes than the distinguished films that will play at the Palais.David Thomson

Obama's Timidity on Syria: Lessons from a Fiasco

A reporter who visited the White House last week brought back the news that the criticism of President Obama’s immobility about the Syrian disaster has “begun to sting.” Good. Something got through. Leon Wieseltier

Flypaper: The Most Compelling Details From My Last Two Weeks of Reading

Anna Holmes

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