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From the Stacks: “Almost Thirty”

The Ted Cruz of Israel

Danny Danon is Driving Bibi—and Just About Everyone Else—CrazyBen Birnbaum

The Media's Arrogant Defense of Leaks

I'd rather have government than media determine who should leakMichael Kinsley

If You Want to Talk Like a Silicon Valley CEO, Learn This Phrase

"Dude, they should have spent more time dogfooding that app!"Nora Caplan-Bricker

Big Mother Is Watching You

The creepy new technology of spying on your kidsJudith Shulevitz

The Amazon Guide to Tax-Dodging

And what to do when government catches up.Willy Staley

Right-wing Populism Could Hobble America for Decades

Even if the Tea Party flames out, right-wing populism could hobble America for decades. John B. Judis

Should This Inmate Get a State-Financed Sex Change Operation?

It depends on what you think we owe society's worst.Nathaniel Penn

Giacomo Leopardi's "Zibaldone," the Least Known Masterpiece of European Literature

The Italian classic that is the least known masterpiece of European LiteratureAdam Kirsch

Anatomy and Making

You Can't Learn About Morality from Brain Scans

Joshua Greene's book is intended as a radical challenge to the assumptions of that philosophical enterprise. It benefits from his familiarity with the field, even if his grasp of the views that he discusses is not always accurate.Thomas Nagel

1 Corinthians 13:11

Before You Reboot the NSA, Think About This

Think the courts or Congress or the bureacracy can reform the NSA? Think again.Eric A. Posner

Gay Life at the Opera

Opera also provided gay people a shared language for emotional expression, first through its extremity of emotion and frequent depiction of doomed love, and later through the virtuosic argot of camp.Philip Kennicott


The Art of Scandal

Unless it is something outrageous—like Kim Kardashian doing it in the library with John Boehner and a debt ceiling—don’t expect us to be impressed or to remember it by tonight. So the full heartfelt insanity with which Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini invented modern scandal has to be traced in history.David Thomson

Stanley Kauffmann, 1916-2013

For thirty years it was my custom at editorial meetings to begin my report on the next week’s issue with the words: “We have Kauffmann.” The last time I did so, I had a tear in my eye.Leon Wieseltier

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