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From the Stacks: “The Education of Black Folk”

"When the Talib Said, 'Which One of You is Malala,' I Squeezed My Friend's Hand"

One way: to recover as gracefully as 16-year-old Malala Yousafzai has from being shot in the faceMira Sethi

We Need an Invasive NSA

It’s the best way to stave off the oncoming onslaught of cyber-attacks.Jack Goldsmith

Activate Beast Mode

You need to learn this phrase if you want to succeed at talking like a business school bro.Molly Redden

This Is How You Should Talk to a Climate-Change Denier

Plenty of people deny science. But there are tricks that make communication work.Judith Shulevitz

The Andrew Wylie Rules

Learning from Andrew WylieLaura Bennett

How to Succeed as an Author: Give Up on Writing

The publishing industry has bounced back. Take in the rancid smell of 21st century literary success.Lionel Shriver

Voices Will Rise

Liberals Should Vote Centrist in Local Elections

Why Liberals will miss Michael Bloomberg and the era's other imperial centrist mayorsMichael Schaffer

On the Ground With Syria's News Smugglers

Covering the war in Syria is too dangerous for professional journalists. That's where these guys come in. A dispatch from the makeshift media capital of the Middle East.Matthew Shaer

Imaginary Jews

From antiquity to more recent times, an endless series of writers and thinkers have crafted versions and visions of Jews and Judaism that are as ugly and frightening as they are effective. David Nirenberg gives us the history.Anthony Grafton

Willa Cather's Correspondence Reveals Something New

If there is a secret lurking in Cather’s correspondence, it might be this: her best writing, certainly in her letters and in much of her fiction, is driven by anger.Christopher Benfey

Can You Have Religion Without God?

On finding religion without GodMoshe Halbertal

Body and Soul Superimposed

In the bedroom the sick mind and the prone body.... Pierre Reverdy

The Quackish Cult of Alternative Medicine

Think the government should allow people to medicate themselves and their children however people want to? Think again.Jerome Groopman

Instance of Me

The Poetry World's Most Indiscriminate Fanboy

Burt has written well about more poets than more or less anyone who isn’t twice his age. What's not to love?Adam Plunkett

Staying Positive

Donald Rumsfeld Is Finally Under Interrogation

As an investigation, The Unknown Known adds little to our memory of Rumsfeld’s press conferences and his lugubrious ruminations over what words meant. The marvel of the film (and of other Morris projects) is the cold lucidity of the light in undeviating close-up on the “witness.”David Thomson

Two Birds Mating in a Rhododendron Bush

Dumbing Religion Down in the New York Times

“Why We Talk in Tongues,” was the title of a recent column by T. M. Luhrmann. We? Leon Wieseltier

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