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Remembering Mr. Creevey

Those were the days of patrons and jobs, pocket-boroughs and sinecures; they were the days, too, of vigorous bold living, torrential talk, and splendid hospitality...Lytton Strachey

The Unwisdom of Crowds

The crowd had its moment, and that moment has now passed.Anne Applebaum

The Most Righteous Man at ESPN

How Jay Bilas became the NCAA's fiercest critic.Marc Tracy

The World's Greatest Feminist Fishmonger

The Sturgeon Queens profiles the smoked fish and appetizing emporium, Russ & Daughters. Rebecca Traister

The Five Saddest 'Modern Love' Columns

"On the third anniversay of my abortion, I found out via MySpace that my ex-boyfriend was having a baby with another woman."Laura Bennett

How the Horrors of Crimea Shaped Tolstoy

The great Russian novelist was no war tourist.Charles King

The Worst Wing

Inside the unhappiest White House office.Reid Cherlin

The Brutal Ageism of Tech

A behind-the-scenes report from the most ageist place in America: Silicon Valley.Noam Scheiber

The Next Arab-Israeli War Will Be Fought with Drones

Hezbollah, weaponized robots, DIY air forces: An unnerving look at the future of middle east conflictsYochi Dreazen

Photo: A Fashionable Standoff in Crimea

We have become familiar with images from Ukraine of women baring their breasts in political protest. Here the opposite tactic seems to have been employed.Geoff Dyer

Paul de Man Was a Total Fraud

Paul de Man lied about everything: his college, his grad school, his rent payments, his quotations of Nietzsche and Rousseau. He even cheated his father out of his life savings. And that's just the beginning.Robert Alter

Incidental Finding

The Miseducation of the Tiger Mom

A book by Yale Law professors Amy Chua and Jed Rubenfeld shows an astonishing lack of scholarly rigor or common sense.William Deresiewicz

Today and Yesterday

Charles Wright is the new U.S. Poet LaureateCharles Wright

The Greatest Ex-Nazi Writer

Gottfreid Benn was a Nazi very briefly in the early 1930s. Why did it erase him from literary history?Adam Thirlwell

The Real Reason

Frank Lloyd Wright Was a Genius at Building Houses, But His Ideas for Cities Were Terrible

Which is bit mystifying, since he mostly built small, single-family homes.Sarah Williams Goldhagen

The Sad Truth about Philip Seymour Hoffman

It's tempting to say that Hoffman overcame his addiction in order to act. But it just isn't so: His addiction fueled his great feats of acting. David Thomson

Someone I’ve Been Watching for a While

The Emptiness of Data Journalism

Nate Silver could learn a lot from those op-ed columnists he malignsLeon Wieseltier

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