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Siri, You're Messing Up a Generation of Children

Has anyone thought through what it means when kids scream at robots?Judith Shulevitz

The Big New 'Noah' Movie Is Closer to the Bible Than its Christian Critics Will Admit

If you’re going to make a movie of a Bible story, you’re going to need to fill in some major gaps. Brook Wilensky-Lanford

Five Great TV Pilots That Became Terrible Shows

Totally subjective — and completely right.Esther Breger

Four Years Later

Four years after an earthquake killed more than 200,000, here's what life in the country looks like today.Ben Fountain

Stark Raving Rahm

Stark raving Rahm on gentrification, the middle east, and the perils of income-inequality politicsIsaac Chotiner

Year of the Pigskin

A crisis of cultural identity—not to mention offense, defense, and special teams.Christopher Beam

Karl Ove Knausgaard Became a Literary Sensation by Exposing His Every Secret

He became the literary star of 2014 by exposing his every secret. Now he hates himself for it. Evan Hughes

How Kafka Actually Lived

Kafka did not transcend his Jewishness, no matter what Updike claimed.Cynthia Ozick

Thomas Jefferson Was a Muslim

A candidate was accused of being a closet Muslim. In the 18th century, not the 21st. Abbas Milani

U.S. Cold War Policy Was Designed by a Bigot

In his decades of influential writing and policymaking, George Kennan presented himself as a hard-headed realist. He was anything but.David Greenberg

Petting Zoo


The Best World War II Documentary Was Faked

The Battle of San Pietro was largely reenacted. The explosions were fake. But the troops were real, and they were really dying.David Thomson

Last Night

The Spiritual Uses of Material Goods

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